Tanks and Turrets – 2 years

I always wanted to make games. Early in junior high on my IBM pc jr I hacked away at a stock market emulator/game. Fast forward 30 years later and technology has got to the point that a fairly poor programer can produce a pretty decent game.

I work full time as an engineer. The last two years as a hobby I have been writing iOS games. My first game, Tanks and Turrets, was release 2 years ago. My goal was to see if I could actually publish something and make a little money along the way.

How did I do????

Tanks and Turrets – just over 100K downloads and $11,000 revenue on iOS

My friend ported it to Android and has around 200K downloads and also around $10,000 in revenue.

Not quit your job money, but we calculate we put about 400 hours into the two versions, that comes in around $50/hour.

The most interesting stat, the iOS version had 2000 downloads, 100K ad impressions and $7/day revenue last month(2 years after launch).

After writing the game engine the next two games, Tanks and Turrets Off-road and Tanks and Turrets 2 were much easier to do. All together their have been over 400K downloads and about $30,000 in revenue for about 600 hours of work($50/hour). Currently the series of games is bringing in about $20-$25/day on iOS.

Not bragging or whining, just putting out data for others that might want to try their hand at writing iOS games.

My current project, Puzzlling Cubes, is a puzzle game using Unity. It will launch December 14th on iOS and Android. I will publish information on that launch after I get about a months worth of data.

Links to current games –

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